Women: It’s about the Super Ego stupid

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First off, this is for women who are looking for a relationship or some steady companionship. Not for those at play…to you I say: game on. Also, it goes both ways, albeit with nuances. Lastly, this is NOT limited to Heterosexuals.

Girls, unless there are some serious fireworks, don’t give it up right away. I know this one wont win me many points but I don’t care. Men don’t think too highly of themselves (of Men in general that is). Your allowing one of us Turkeys in between those amethyst thighs so quickly devalues our sense of selves even more; the Super ego takes a further step back while the ID ego becomes even more pronounced in our day to day mind (hence identity loss you male whores). I was led to believe that after having a one-night affair with some gin-tonicky bar room floor model I would feel like a goddamn champ. And that’s exactly what that the pacing tiger that is the ID ego wants you to believe. However, it’s hardly the case really. With the dirty deed done, the Super Ego is weakened, the tiger is asleep having fed, not giving a single fuck about you…any of you (the mates) and the man’s psyche is left…standing there…blinking….like a jerk…one step closer to douchedom.


A woman that holds out makes us feel better about ourselves, unique. “She won’t let me insert my penis inside her after knowing her for only 12 hours, she must be special” we thinks…and, this is key, the idealization begins. We idealize, raise you. With every “not right now”, the super ego applauds, steps forward, and sees you more and more suitable a partner in this battlefield of immorality. Every time a woman calls you out on your dumbassery (a precarious enterprise for another piece), the Super Ego gets a raging mind erection for you. The ID meanwhile, that pacing tiger, is being tamed for the circus. It’s the super ego that dates, commits, and eventually will wash your underwear. It’s the Super Ego that’s gonna research ways to give you epileptic like seizuring orgasms, and how to top the dinner they made you last week. The amoral ID tiger will be curled up in the corner of his cage, chilling, to be awoken for more controlled reasons 😉 To summarize, having game equates to being able to entice the Super Ego and manipulating the ID. Now, go out there and BE somebody.


4 thoughts on “Women: It’s about the Super Ego stupid

  1. Uhh, ok, so it’s up to us ladies to cater to the delicate male “sense of selves?” How dare we have a “pacing tiger” all our own, nooo, we have to be the ideal, the challange, the “suitable partner”, the standard-setter to your free-to-do-as-it-pleases “super ID.” (Oh goodie, Freud…really?)

    Maybe, for a change, you could do the leg work while we get to indulge OUR basic needs. Imagine that? Maybe, you could even surprise US! Appeal to our “super EGO” and be the guy who makes us pancakes and calls the next day…even if we (*gasp*) spent the night the same night we met you. Maybe we could give in to our own underlying sexual desires (cause we’re human too) and YOU could shock US by “idealizing” us anyway…not because we we made you wait for sex but, possibly, because we have a whole host of other qualities that make us amazing aside from what’s between our legs. We don’t fault you for being driven by your “ID,” in fact our society applauds it! So why not give us a little goddamned leeway?!

    I, personally, prefer to hold out a bit myself but you can be damn sure when I say that it’s not to protect a man’s possible decline into “douchedom,” to appeal to his “mind erection” or to make him feel “unique.” Believe it or not, it’s about ME and my own motivations.
    And endless props to my ladies who make no apologies when they choose to go for it on the first night, get yours ladies and don’t let some double-standard preaching d-bag guy make you feel like shit for indulging your own needs without dwelling on whether the guy will now, ever, possibly be willing to someday wash your f*cking underwear…lol! There ARE real men out there who can actually manage to give you “seizuring orgasms” AND still value you as an equal.


    1. Damn Amanda, I like a scathing retort but haven’t been made to feel the bad guy in awhile!

      Women don’t HAVE to be anything. But, and I say this hesitantly, so often we rush into sex only to feel bad about ourselves the next day. This is certainly not always the case to be sure, but amongst so many I’ve known…it has been and that’s what this thrown dart (for better or worse) is about. I could’ve written about this in the complete opposite direction but I didn’t. That is not because I think women are some how more complicit in this age old issue, believe it or not. I think we are both equally fuck ups. But yes, YOU GOT ME. I wrote about this from the male perspective, deal with it (I don’t seek any slaps on the back from either sex). Your complete lack of attending to the intellectual propositions here reflects perhaps an insensitivity in my writing or your own insecurity and thats noted and I will reflect on that.

      But your selective disengagement with my comment in the opening where I wrote “this goes both ways” sheds light on your selective, mass media like sampling of this piece and consequent misrepresentation. Criticize my writing as you may, not exactly Barthes, I know. But your attempts at making the author of this piece out to be some “preachy dbag” who’s attempting to tell women that they must serve a man’s delicate sensibilities, that women shouldn’t indulge in their own desires, that I’m trying to make women who do so feel like shit for it, is a TMZ deflection of any intelligent conversation over what I believe are interesting points having to do with insecurities and idealisms. Women, men, indulge away…god knows we do/have/and will again. But if you have an axe to grind? Do it somewhere else. It was written in a raw tone no doubt, but you don’t think I make any valid points?


  2. You’re right, I guess I did kind of immediately jump all over you (double entredre fully intended 😉 even though you did give a half-hearted attempt at gender-neutrality disclaimer early on in the piece… but I guess that’s exactly how it came off: half-hearted. Specifically because the post then immediately plunged headlong into what, in my opinion, seemed to be fairly plainly poised “dart” soaring directly at the she-folk. I mean it seems to be a bit of a stretch, if one were to view this position from the opposing viewpoint, to ever imagine a man’s thighs described as “amethyst” (I kid.) But really, it’s no secret that the male sexual appetite is looked upon as a “boys will be boys” distinction, while women are consistently denigrated by this same standard. So to suggest that, taken from a female perspective, you would be painting a similar picture, intellectual proposition or not, I don’t really buy it. Not that I need to, this is your blog and your forum of self expression I’m just an ornery, feminist-when-I-feel-like-it, visitor. I do admire that you’re willing to take it on the chin to some extent tho, for that I’ll take a few steps down off my soapbox 🙂
    And, just for clarity’s sake, I took zero stabs at you’re writing! I wrote my “scathing retort” of literary genius at 7:30 this morning, pre-coffee, after having arrived at your blog piece via a link posted in the comments section of a “girl-power, howl-at-the-moon ladies” themed post that my little sister happened to “Like”…it’s shocking that my comment amounted to much more than disingenuous grunts and frowny emojis…..but I digress.
    Honestly, despite the “nice girls keep it in their pants” position that I’m just so damned bored of, I actually thought it was humorously tongue-in-cheek. Specifically, “gin-tonicky bar room floor model,” I lol’d at that one. And, finally, the “preachy d-bag” wasn’t you, per say, it was any guy that seduces a woman only to then judge her for indulging her desires in exactly the same way that he just did.


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