Women: It’s about the Super Ego stupid

Game, Relationships


First off, this is for women who are looking for a relationship or some steady companionship. Not for those at play…to you I say: game on. Also, it goes both ways, albeit with nuances. Lastly, this is NOT limited to Heterosexuals.

Girls, unless there are some serious fireworks, don’t give it up right away. I know this one wont win me many points but I don’t care. Men don’t think too highly of themselves (of Men in general that is). Your allowing one of us Turkeys in between those amethyst thighs so quickly devalues our sense of selves even more; the Super ego takes a further step back while the ID ego becomes even more pronounced in our day to day mind (hence identity loss you male whores). I was led to believe that after having a one-night affair with some gin-tonicky bar room floor model I would feel like a goddamn champ. And that’s exactly what that the pacing tiger that is the ID ego wants you to believe. However, it’s hardly the case really. With the dirty deed done, the Super Ego is weakened, the tiger is asleep having fed, not giving a single fuck about you…any of you (the mates) and the man’s psyche is left…standing there…blinking….like a jerk…one step closer to douchedom.


A woman that holds out makes us feel better about ourselves, unique. “She won’t let me insert my penis inside her after knowing her for only 12 hours, she must be special” we thinks…and, this is key, the idealization begins. We idealize, raise you. With every “not right now”, the super ego applauds, steps forward, and sees you more and more suitable a partner in this battlefield of immorality. Every time a woman calls you out on your dumbassery (a precarious enterprise for another piece), the Super Ego gets a raging mind erection for you. The ID meanwhile, that pacing tiger, is being tamed for the circus. It’s the super ego that dates, commits, and eventually will wash your underwear. It’s the Super Ego that’s gonna research ways to give you epileptic like seizuring orgasms, and how to top the dinner they made you last week. The amoral ID tiger will be curled up in the corner of his cage, chilling, to be awoken for more controlled reasons 😉 To summarize, having game equates to being able to entice the Super Ego and manipulating the ID. Now, go out there and BE somebody.


SNOB! (or Discriminate?)

Game, Personality

First, a myth to bust: being judgmental or discriminate does not equate with being snobbish. Snobs “turn their nose up” at you based on material superficialities and perceived behavioral nuances that pose no real threat other than cramping their stuffy ass stylings. A snob for instance may dismiss your relevance based on your attire, wheels, word choice, hair do or lack thereof, education level, job, i.e., things that have little to no reflection of your character. In fact, snobs typically befriend pieces of shit, much like themselves, due to their material acquisitions/titles/abilities that perhaps have more to do with their character. My cousin was (perhaps still is) a snob and his best friend in the day was a BMW driving cocaine dealer who loved nothing more than to letch on anyone and their girlfriend (but did perform magic tricks for his more advantageous female customers, hence his shitty little moniker “Magic Dave”). Another girl I knew reeks of entitlement and is of seraphim level snobbery, is totally well versed in whatever is popping, has little to no time for any topic that doesn’t feed her narcissistic vacuum of a soul….that means YOU (every you out there), and is surrounded by silly assholes and sycophants. Snobs, assholes, and sycophants are age-old allies, as we all know.

So what to call those that do not suffer the aforementioned axis of assery and keep their distance? What do we call those that won’t allow you to trespass and shit in their souls with your senseless ramblings and rants on topics idiotic or centrally, endlessly, about you? Those that won’t ask you a follow-up question because they know it’ll lead to having to endure longer your complete lack of transactional communication? Those that don’t slow for a stop and talk with you after having seen your sloppy ass once again at the bar with your hands uncomfortably all over everyone, sweating, hair a mess?

I proffer the term “discriminate”, of course not in the racially or ethnically charged sense (that kind of discrimination belongs to a whole different level of hell, no where near the subject of this here meditation). The discriminate I speak of differentiate based on their judgment of your behavior. They see your character loud and clear and simply don’t like it. And no doubt, they’re well aware of their own imperfections, they just don’t need to burden their own toxic pond with any of your dumb shit. They won’t turn their back on you for your plain Jane fashion sense nor on their bedazzled counterparts; nor for being overweight, underweight, cross-fit-ripped, nor for having a visibly troubled past riddled with bad decisions or experiences.

A discriminate person is level headed and seeks acceptance all the same. But they will cut ties off until further notice with you if your behavior is shit. They have no time beyond perhaps a fleeting twit of entertainment for the lecherous, narcissistic, convo dominating, petty soul thieves. But the rub here is that those that suck probably don’t know it. However, a good rule of thumb: if that guy or girl you respect doesn’t really give you the time of day anymore, you might want to check yourself before solidifying your place in schmuckdom. Godspeed (I am all of the above btw -except racially discriminate-).